How PR Pros Can Navigate Executive Change

How PR Pros Can Navigate Executive Change

Last week, our country participated in the age-old tradition of peaceful transition of power.  While most executive changes don’t typically involve the Oval Office, they all face similar challenges. 

New executive teams often result in change, both internally and externally, and fear or anxiety may be the byproduct of these shakeups. As employees, clients and even media begin to speculate about the organization’s future, the vital role of the leadership and communications teams is to reassure and re-engage.

For PR professionals involved in the transition, clear communication is the key to a successful and smooth “changing of the guard”. Adhering to a few sound principles will help: 

Plan ahead, way ahead. Forward thinking and strategic planning should be incorporated early on. Together, as partners, thinking about and talking about the transition well ahead of time allows for ample preparation and strategy development for the succession. It also ensures that the right questions are asked proactively and that messaging is developed well ahead of when it is actually used.

Be in the room where it happens. A crucial component of success comes from truly being a part of the process from the beginning: meeting with the board or key leadership, discussing a strategy and putting a timeline in place in order to meet goals.  PR executives can also guide leadership on communications process and prepare them for the transition.

Transparency goes a long way. When handling internal communications, it is important to be transparent whenever possible. With more information available, there is less chance for the rumor mill to disseminate false claims.  Communicate frequently, be open and try to acknowledge the changes ahead. It allows a sense of a surety and trust within the organization. 

The first 100 days following any transition are critical, but our work as communications executives doesn’t stop there.  In fact, day 101 marks the continuation of the new campaign. The first year is an equally exciting time and the work continues with ample engagement opportunities ahead. Acknowledge any key milestones and find news pegs and fresh ways to keep your executive top of mind.

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​Three Things Not To Pay Attention To In 2017

​Three Things Not To Pay Attention To In 2017

At the start of each new year, public relations and marketing professionals receive countless lists and guides, each claiming to offer critical knowledge and insight about the year ahead. We are told that if we pay close enough attention, we too can be innovative and cutting-edge. But, with so many outlooks and predictions, how do you navigate the maze and understand which trends matter most?

While we don’t have a crystal ball to tell us if artificial intelligence will really revolutionize PR and marketing or if the Internet of Things will truly change the customer journey forever, we can tell you that some things simply aren’t as important as they are made out to be.

Below is a list of the top three things NOT to pay attention to in 2017:

Don’t Feel Compelled to Master Every New Channel: Simply because something is new, it doesn’t mean it deserves our undivided attention.  

As PR and marketing professionals, it is our job to seek out, understand, and capitalize on emerging trends for our clients. We constantly see and read about new channels, each one supposedly better than the last. We spend time trying to master at least one before another wave of new options is introduced. But many of them won’t matter to us in the long-run and some may not even be around much longer. So is this really the best use of our time?  

Be judicious about how much effort, energy, and resource is spent on exploring new channels.

Take the time to learn which ones actually matter to your audience, don’t just jump on whatever is new and popular. Figure out which channels truly help impact the bottom line, rather than focusing on channels where vanity metrics look good.

Only The Data That Helps You Prove Your Point: Use data intelligently to get smart results.

There is increasingly more data available about PR and marketing campaigns. With just a click of a button, we are given access to information that used to take days or weeks to uncover. We can review audience behavior, extract valuable insights, and optimize our campaigns in less time than it takes to catch up on our favorite show.  And, perhaps most importantly, data has changed the way we approach our jobs and allowed us to directly prove the value of our efforts.

With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why we rely so heavily on data-driven decision making. But we must be careful about how we treat and interpret data. We must look at what the information is telling us, instead of just falling into common traps, such as confirmation bias, where we use data to confirm the story we want to tell. By going back to the basics, pairing qualitative and quantitative data together, looking for statistical significance, and ensuring that we have truly representative samples, we can make better short- and long-term decisions.  

Haters: Don’t pay attention to the noise.  Not everyone is going to agree with your PR and marketing strategy and you may encounter naysayers. It’s important to be thick skinned, but equally as important to listen. 

Find out what exactly it is that critics don’t like. Is there an issue with your product or service, maybe something you weren't even aware of? Is there something you can do to help improve their experience or perception?  By understanding who your audience is and listening to both positive and negative feedback, you can gain critical insight into how your brand is actually perceived and catch small issues before they become larger crises.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, it can be challenging to determine how and where to focus your energy.   In 2017, resolve to figure out what you need to pay attention to, and what might not be as important. Because if you do, you’ll have more time for what matters most. 

Written by Amy Jaick, Executive Director of GMI Digital at Goodman Media. For more on how we think, click here.

Personal Branding Resolutions for the PR and Marketing Pro

Personal Branding Resolutions for the PR and Marketing Pro

“New Year, New You”, as the saying goes.

Though many like to set diet and fitness-focused resolutions in the New Year (and if that’s you, visit our client Furthermore’s site for some serious fitspo), PR and marketing professionals know that setting goals for a “New You” should go beyond the physical.

Our personal brand – our reputation, our image on- and offline – is something good pros manage and curate for ourselves, just as we do for our clients. And what better time of year to review and do just that.

In the spirit of “New Year, New You,” and setting new goals for 2017, here are four daily resolutions for PR and marketing professionals:

On social media: As social media platforms continue to evolve, there are even more new and shiny ways to get your message, passions, and expertise out there. Resolve to offer something insightful to your audience, no matter which platform you’re using. Try out the new capabilities of each platform, like Facebook Live or Instagram stories, when appropriate, but the content should always be meaningful to your audience.

 At the office: Whether you’re the CEO or the newest member of the team, you can still work on your personal brand. Are you known as the go-to person for crisis management, or do other teams come to you first for out-of-the-box creative ideas? Play up that go-to expertise. Then, pick one area to really focus on and improve this year, in order to offer something new to your coworkers and stretch your capabilities to the next level.

With clients and business partners: Clients expect to see their partners go the extra mile. Resolve this year to spend extra one-on-one time with your clients, attending their events with them or getting firsthand experience with their brand. Then, share your experiences with your own audience and hone your PR skills within your own sphere of influence.

 With friends and family: Influencer marketing was huge in 2016. When it comes to your personal brand, remember that your friends and family are the influencers of your life. Sharing your expertise with them creates more opportunities and a larger audience for you.


4 Tips For Choosing Your Next PR Firm

4 Tips For Choosing Your Next PR Firm

“I want to be on Oprah.”  Years ago, this was one of the most common phrases public relations executives heard from prospective and existing clients. Although “Oprah” is no longer on the air today, the requests for big-name hits continue. 

Each time the discussion turns to a particular “wish list” in a meeting, we respond with a question of our own: “Why do you want to see your organization there?” We don’t ask these questions because we can’t deliver those moments.  We’ve actually made plenty of those dreams come true throughout the past 20 years! Rather, we ask because it’s critical to understand our clients’ underlying objectives so we can help them impact the bottom line and achieve their goals.

It is clear that it is no longer enough just to get good media coverage.  Today’s communications and marketing professionals must show clear ROI and prove their efforts move the needle.

Working with a results-driven PR firm can make that happen, but selecting the right one can be challenging.  How do you identify the right partner that not only understands your company’s goals, but also knows how PR can help achieve them? Below are four suggestions for how to evaluate potential partners in 2017:

1.       Ask The Right Questions, And Give Honest Answers: Has the firm asked what success looks like for you?  Is it lead gen, increased sales, awareness?  Cookie-cutter solutions DO NOT work so it’s important that the firm understands the nuances of your short- and long-term goals. The more honest and upfront you are, the better the strategy your firm will develop. 

2.       Go Niche Or Go Home: Does the firm realize which audience you are trying to reach?  Is it c-suite decision-makers? Advertisers? Policymakers?  A well-defined strategy focuses on the outlets and publications your target audience reads, even if they’re not the most popular names or have the largest circulations. Targeting niche media that reaches specific buyers can often be more impactful in moving the needle.

3.       Proven Success And Creativity: Does the agency have a strong track record of success? Have they been tasked with similar objectives in the past?  Do they understand how to tackle challenges they might encounter and, when they do have a road block, do they think creatively to find another solution?

4.       It May Not be A Marriage, But It Is A Partnership: Is there chemistry? Your PR firm should be your partner and an extension of your in-house efforts.  If you can’t imagine sitting next to members of the firm on a long flight, they may not be the right fit.

Being on “Oprah” used to be considered success on its own. But as the focus on ROI only increases, make sure you seek out an agency that can help you meet your business objectives. After all, what’s the point of being on “Oprah” if you don’t leverage it to impact your bottom line, drive business development and achieve your goals?

Written by Amy Jaick, Executive Director of GMI Digital at Goodman Media. For more on how we think, click here.


Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation’s 14th Annual Celebrity Gala Dinner

Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation’s 14th Annual Celebrity Gala Dinner

Last night, Goodman Media headed downtown to join our friends and clients, Ali and Joe Torre, at the Safe At Home Foundation’s 14th annual gala at Cipriani 25 Broadway.  The event, which honored MLB Commissioner Robert Manfred, Jr. and celebrated the 1996 World Series Championship New York Yankees, raised more than $1.5 million to help end the cycle of domestic violence and save lives.

Goodman Media has had the great honor of working with the Foundation since its inception to help raise awareness of its mission. From the beginning, our team has proudly organized and managed all of its red carpets, drawing numerous national and local media to attend and cover the events.

Many celebrities were spotted last night on the red carpet, including Robert Manfred, Jr., Derek Jeter, Hannah Davis, Don Mattingly, David Cone, Willie Randolph, Lorraine Bracco, among many others. 

The Safe At Home Foundation was founded in 2002 by Ali and Joe Torre in response to the impact that domestic violence had on Joe Torre and his family. Now in its second decade of educating students that are most profoundly affected by domestic violence, Safe At Home helps thousands of young people every year. Named in honor of Joe’s mother, the Margaret’s Place program provides a “safe room” in schools staffed by a full- time, master’s-level counselor who provides both individual and group counseling sessions.  The Safe At Home Foundation has reached more than 59,500 children and provided more than 26,000 counseling sessions to date.

To learn more, check out the Foundation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter






NEW YORK, NY – November 7, 2016 – Goodman Media International, Inc., a leading New York-based public relations firm celebrating its 20th anniversary year, today announced the launch of GMI Digital. Amy Jaick, who worked at Goodman Media from 2006 to 2010, returns to the agency to oversee the firm’s new digital communications unit. Jaick will serve as Executive Director, GMI Digital.

A communications and marketing executive with more than 10 years of experience, Jaick has worked with a variety of notable companies, ranging from large, multinational brands to smaller startups and nonprofit organizations. With extensive knowledge of the digital landscape and a results-driven approach, Jaick will focus on developing comprehensive strategies that truly impact the bottom line. She will also serve as counsel to many of the firm’s clients on digital initiatives.

“We launched GMI Digital to address our clients’ needs in today’s evolving media landscape,” said Tom Goodman, CEO and President of Goodman Media. “In order to move the needle, communications campaigns need a 360° approach, and GMI Digital allows us to do that in a meaningful way.”

“Goodman Media has a long and successful history of creating compelling narratives for the world’s most recognized brands,” said Jaick. “GMI Digital continues to build on that tradition, allowing clients to reach new audiences and further engage existing ones through a variety of unique digital offerings.”

Previously, Jaick headed digital marketing for Estimize, a financial technology company focused on crowdsourced financial data. Prior to that, she oversaw the marketing efforts for The Economist’s conferences business in North and South America, after initially serving as the publication’s communications manager. She received her MBA in marketing and strategy from New York University and a BA in psychology from the University of Michigan.


Goodman Media International, Inc. is a leading, full-service public relations firm specializing in media relations, thought leadership and brand positioning, digital communications, special events and crisis communications. The firm was founded in 1996 by Tom Goodman, a former head of communications for CBS, Inc. and CBS News. The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in Boston and Detroit. For more information, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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2016 Hess Toy Truck Reveal

2016 Hess Toy Truck Reveal

Goodman Media was once again thrilled to be working with our long-time client Hess Corporation on the launch of their new 2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster, which is now available for purchase exclusively online. The Toy Truck and Dragster, which was revealed this week on the "Today" show, has a pullback motor and tilt-activation design, so it can pop a wheelie! 

Over the years, Goodman Media has had the privilege of working on 14 of the Hess Toy Truck launches, with the first dating back to the 2002 Hess Toy Truck and Airplane. Every year, we announce the new toy model and secure coverage for the new toy truck as well as related initiatives in local, regional and national TV, radio, online and print press up and down the East Coast and around the country. The press coverage, in tandem with Hess’ marketing initiatives, drive sales of the truck to sell out before Christmas every year.

The Hess Toy Truck has been a holiday tradition since 1964, and is one of the longest running toy brands on the market. The trucks are available at 

'Hamilton's America' Red Carpet Premiere

'Hamilton's America' Red Carpet Premiere

Goodman Media had the privilege of supporting our client PBS, and our local New York station WNET/THIRTEEN to promote the documentary “Hamilton’s America," which premiered Friday, October 21 on PBS. 

In addition to supporting PBS and WNET’s communications efforts, Goodman Media spearheaded the planning and management of a media-focused red carpet event held prior to the screening’s VIP reception at the Union Palace Theatre in Washington Heights. 

Those in attendance included Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Hamilton, Alex Horwitz, filmmaker and director of "Hamilton's America," and Ron Chernow, author of the book "Alexander Hamilton" that inspired Miranda's Broadway musical sensation. Other guests included Gayle King, host of “CBS This Morning” and moderator for the evening's Q&A, Hamilton fan Christine Baranksi, Hamilton cast members Christopher Jackson, Jasmine Cephas Jones , Rory O'Malley, and many other guests.

"Hamilton's America" is behind-the-scenes look at Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway musical Hamilton, part of WNET’S venerable Great Performances series and part of the 2016 PBS Arts Fall Festival, which Goodman Media promotes. You can stream "Hamilton's America" online now through November 18 here:

Goodman Media Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Goodman Media Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Dear Friends,

I am extremely pleased to introduce our new website, which is being launched as we celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Twenty years ago, a very big company called British Airways entered my world and entrusted the biggest promotional stunt in its history to me and my very small “company,” which, truth be told, didn’t yet exist. Goodman Media literally took off with that assignment – publicizing a half-size replica of the Concorde atop a building in Times Square, and how appropriate that our “world headquarters,” pictured throughout the new website, overlooks that site today.

During these 20 years, we have worked on countless campaigns, media events, interviews, stunts and crises, while embracing the exciting new world of social and digital media. And we have grown in size and expanded into areas such as the media, publishing, digital, professional services, arts & entertainment, travel & lifestyle, healthcare and not-for-profit sectors. 

It has been an incredible 20 years, and we look forward to many, many more. On behalf of everyone at Goodman Media, we wanted to take time to say thank you for your support and help in making the past two decades a success. We hope you enjoy the new site.

-Tom Goodman