Congratulations, you are quoted in The New York Times! Now what?

Too often, we see clients spend time preparing for interviews, but once they happily see their name in lights, they move on quickly.

The real work begins after publication.

Making the most of your media coverage is key to accomplishing any goal behind a public relations campaign. To see ROI, put the media coverage to work to accomplish your goals. There are many ways to do this, including:

  • Make use of corporate social channels to generate maximum engagement. Post. Use visuals. Tag the right players. Link to your website. Use relevant hashtags to join the conversation.

  • Update your bio. A simple tactic, but one that helps augment credibility. Take advantage of any opportunity to have a brief news item summarizing your media coverage added to the “News” section of your website or corporate bio page.

  • Follow-up tools. Articles and placements make great follow-up fodder. If you meet someone at a conference and discuss timely trends, send them your article as a follow-up if the topic resonates. If you had a good introductory meeting with a business lead, sharing media coverage that is relevant to your conversations can be a strategic tactic. Articles and placements have longer runways than you may think.

  • Don’t forget about your internal team. Take advantage of internal company newsletters, intranets, signage and other vehicles to make colleagues aware of your coverage. They may not know, and internal teams can be terrific external influencers.

Utilizing these tools and more will extend the life of a piece of media coverage, enhance your public profile and reputation, boost SEO and may help attract new business leads down the road.

Because when you’re quoted in The New York Times, EVERYONE should know about it!