Several Goodman Media team members recently attended an AI event hosted by Kartik Hosanagar, renowned Wharton professor and author of the book A Human’s Guide to Machine Intelligence. A longtime researcher, Hosanagar’s talk explored the ramifications of algorithmic decision-making and how AI and machine learning are transforming our lives.

 Applying Hosanagar’s talk to public relations best practices, we’ve identified two takeaways from the discussion that apply to the world of both internal and external communications:

 Communicate the value proposition

Flip through any newspaper or watch any TV station and you’re likely to find some mention of new AI applications. Whether it’s an algorithm to compile patient data and ease physician workload or one to strengthen cybersecurity, AI has enormous potential to improve quality of life. As these applications continue to grow and more companies incorporate AI into their business, it is crucial to communicate clearly AI’s value proposition to key stakeholders and customers. AI is a new and complicated field. Before companies can capitalize on AI’s opportunity, they must communicate the value proposition both to internal and external audiences, while highlighting the benefits of AI clearly.

 Encourage transparency

Despite its significant positive potential, AI understandably can be an enigma. It is important for companies to recognize and respond to AI challenges, alleviating internal concerns and communicating plans clearly.  From addressing algorithm biases to calming Eagle Eye or iRobot-type apocalyptic fears, transparency is a cornerstone of communications and remains critical when addressing key stakeholders both inside and outside a company.

 As companies continue to explore and leverage AI, navigating this evolving space in a clear and transparent way remains paramount.